Holy Eucharist"The Lord addresses an invitation to us, urging us to receive him in the sacrament of the respond to this invitation we must prepare ourselves of so great and so holy a moment (CCC 1385).
Any adult inquiring to join us at the Lord's table please click here for more information on formation in the Catholic faith.
Any parent inquiring on a child who is past the second grade please click here for more information on the formation necessary to receive the Eucharist.


The time of formation includes the whole period following the child's baptism.  Parents are to help their children develop a life of prayer, knowledge and love of Jesus Christ and his teachings and a practical relationship with the local church. When children approach the age of reason, they are to be enrolled in the catechetical program (1st grade)  for the formation necessary to become a First Holy Communion Candidate which is the second year (2nd grade) of such catechesis (Sacraments of Initiation 127).
First Holy Communion is celebrated during the Easter Season and is held the last Sunday of April.  First Holy Communicants are prepared to receive the Eucharist through catechesis, retreat, spiritual family programs and reception of First Reconciliation.