The Church celebrates the outpouring  of the Holy Spirit upon the baptized in the sacrament of confirmation.To be confirmed, baptized Catholics who have the use of reason must be suitably instructed, properly disposed and able to renew their baptismal promises. Candidates must have reached the common age for confirmation in the Diocese of Pittsburgh (except in the danger of death) which is commonly 13 or 14 years of age (8th - 9th grade). The Chancellor's Office notifies the parish of the chosen date for confirmation - the parish will then notify the confirmation families and parish of the chosen date.
For baptized Catholics who are beyond the normal age of confirmation, please click here for more information.


Confirmation is not a completion of religious education nor a graduation from learning the faith, but an initiation into the fullness of the body of Christ, the Church. As confirmandi have received the fullness of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, these gifts are to be used to build of the Church by sharing the good news of Jesus Christ through words, deeds and actions faithfully lived out in one's life in accordance with the teachings of Christ.   


 Prayers for Confirmation


Sacred Heart celebrates the sacrament of confirmation with candidates who are in 8th grade.  The time of preparation begins upon one's baptism as individuals grow in communion with Christ and his Church; specific preparation begins two years prior to the reception of the sacrament.  The sacrament is normally conferred in the spring of the 8th grade year.
Pre-requisites for Confirmation are distributed to those individuals intending to receive the sacrament in 7th grade towards the end of the spring semester; all requirements are due to the Religious Education Office in the following fall.
Some of the specific per grade level are:
    7th Grade:
  • write a letter of intention to the pastor stating reasons why one wants to be confirmed and the willingness to complete all given tasks/service/spiritual growth opportunities/Mass
  • attend "Rite of Intention" Mass in the spring of 7th grade year
  • attend a meeting with parents to receive pre-requisites for confirmation in late spring of 7th grade year
    8th Grade Candidates:
  • Pray daily the Confirmation Prayers
  • complete confirmation candidate application
  • provide a copy of one's baptismal certificate 
  • complete a baptismal reflection with parent(s)
  • obtain one qualified sponsor 
  • have sponsor secure and forward to you a sponsor certificate 
  • write a saint reflection on your own (outside of school curriculum) on the chosen confirmation name
  • perform 7 hours of Corporal Works of Mercy service outside of home and school
  • complete the "Corporal Works of Mercy Service" form
  • write a Corporal Works of Mercy reflection on the service given
  • write  "My Desire to be Confirmed" letter to the pastor (this is not the Letter of Intention written in the spring)
  • attend Confirmation Retreat Day -  complete and return provided permission slip
  • attend "Alive in our Faith" with parents and sponsors (if sponsor available) - complete and return provided reservation form 
  • Families Not Registered at Sacred Heart are to obtain a pastor verification letter stating candidate has pastor's permission to receive the sacrament at Sacred Heart (if family is not registered at Sacred Heart)
  • return all prerequisites in the 10 x 13 envelop Candidates were presented with in the spring of 7th grade
  • complete an oral test on the basic doctrines and teachings of the Church with the pastor
  • Attend an interview with the pastor  
A confirmation sponsor must meet the same criteria as a baptismal godparent:
  • can be either male or female regardless of the gender of the candidate 
  • may be a baptismal godparent if still eligible and can obtain a sponsor letter of eligibility
  • must be a practicing Catholic who leads a life in harmony with the faith.
  • must be at least 16 years of age having been fully initiated into the Church having been baptized, confirmed and received the Eucharist.
  • Catholics who have abandoned the Catholic faith are not to serve as a sponsor.
  • must not be bound by any legitimately imposed canonical penalty.
  • may not be the mother or father of the child.
  • An eligibility/sponsor certificate is required from the sponsor from his/her current parish including sponsors from Sacred Heart
  • have the intention of performing this role
  • present the candidate to the bishop at confirmation
  • Any individual from Sacred Heart Parish who has been asked to be a sponsor is required to contact the parish office at 412.661.0187 to obtain a certificate